What I’m reading:
copy at work
smh online
GFY religiously
food mags when I get the chance

What I’m watching:
Foxtel digital – bring.it.on
Rockstar Supernova – so many tats, so many egos, so good
Grand Designs – seriously giving This Old House a good shove as my favourite home renovation program

What I’m eating:
A lot. Scarily so.
Noodles from Wok on Inn
The awesome grilled chicken burger from Playfair Cafe
The scrumptious couscous salad with roasted vegetables from Dare
And so much chocolate.

What I’m wearing:
The same old gear that I’m bored with.
No skirts as I keep forgetting to buy stokings

What I’m dreaming of:
a day off to get my hair cut and coloured
a holiday
a night (or two) in a five star hotel, just for fun

What I need to pull my finger out and do:
my job application