What the!?!

Ryan just got dumped off RockStar.
The lesbian vote is obviously still large as Storm is still in.
It’ll come down to Lukas or Toby.

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  • Badger

    I’m rooting for Toby.

    Oh, wait! That means something different where you are than it does where I am.

    Um. I hope TOBY WINS.


  • Kim

    Same. But remember Mig – everyone thought he was a shoe-in for the INXS frontman gig and he got blown away at the very end.

  • Blue Moon Girl

    Now that Ryan is gone, I’m hoping Toby wins. My husband was so irritated that Ryan lost that he is actually threatening not to watch the show anymore.

    Mostly I just don’t want it to be Lukas or Delana. Lukas sounds like someone is strangling him to death when he sings.

    Of course I was a big fan of mig too… I was just sure he was going to win, so don’t listen to me!