A pictorial update…

The boys

The child of perpetual sunshine

The Middle Child

The Eldest

With Chef

With Me
What freaks me out about this shot, is how my three sons are all pulling essentially the exact same face.

My three sons

The dawgs



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  • Surfing Free

    Look at your little men … so gorgeous 🙂 And your dogs have the right idea – find a patch of sunlight and revel in it!

  • Bec of the Ladies Lounge

    lovely, all of it!

    How do you get blogger to take so many pics in one post? I’m getting a maximum of two up lately… I hate blogger…

  • My float

    Gorgeous boys. How funny that they’re all pulling the same face!

  • Kim

    Bec – who knows. I’m loading them from my hard drive, not from something like Flikr.

  • Suse

    Bec, I keep telling you, you need Flickr. You can load as many photos from flickr into one post as you care to.

    Oh sorry Kim. Lovely photos!

  • MsCellania

    Beautiful children, cute pups.
    Chef is a looker, too.
    You’re a lucky woman, Kim. But you know that.

  • Badger

    Aw! What beautiful boys!

  • julia

    The dogs are cute, but the boys are cuter.