Some time ago I wrote about how I have a bit of a soft squidgy spot for grungy men – the likes of Johnny Knoxville and Robbie Williams. I think it’s one of the reasons why I am addicted to Rockstar Supernova and all those grungy tattooed unwashed boys sucking down cigarettes, looking underfed and dripping with ‘tude. In fact, I am blaming the downtime between Rockstar INXS and Rockstar Supernova for my recent sojourn to nutbagland.
Anyway, Tommy is working for me in a way even I wasn ‘t suspecting. Scary.

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  • Blue Moon Girl

    I am with you on loving Rockstar: Supernova!! It’s completely unexplainable! It’s a great show. In fact, I’m looking forward to it coming on tonight!

  • Surfing Free

    Noooo! Don’t look into Tommy’s eyes!
    But there is something about Rockstar that makes it hard to look away.

  • Badger

    I love the show, even though my homegirl Patrice is kind of stinking up the place.

    But Tommy? Dude, when I look at him I see Pam Anderson. And hepatitis. Not exactly my cup of tea.

  • Blue Moon Girl

    Whenever I see Tommy laugh, I think of a doped out five year old. Because that’s exactly what it sounds like. I agree with you on Tommy, Badger. He is pretty icky really.

  • MsCellania

    Watching Tommy Lee makes me want to jump up and use disinfectant soap. All Over.