Things that are currently making me very very happy:
– Rockstar Supernova – ROCK ON
– the start of a new season of Australian Idol
– Cote D’or chocolates
– The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
– Paul Newman’s Ranch Dressing

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  • Woman with kids

    I love the Daily Show, Jon Stewart is great!

  • Surfing Free

    I also have a secret fondness for Australia Idol .. I’m not sure why.
    And the Daily Show I LOVE, but it’s on toooo late for me. If I watched it from 9.30-10.30pm I would never have any pre-sleep reading time. Could the progam schedulers not have thought of that???
    PS. I’m so glad you are back 😀

  • Kim

    I am so excited Australian Idol is back on. There is something about the lauding of sub-standard talentless white trash scratching around in the hen house of reality TV for their 15 seconds of fame that I find completely and utterly addictive and mesmerising. Sort of like slowing down when you pass a car crash.

  • julia

    Cote D’Or chocolate! Oh, I luuuuuuurve that stuff. It’s hard to find around here, but I ran a source to ground. It’s good that I don’t have a lot of spare cash to play with or I’d be there every day, like a junkie.

    The Daily Show also rocks.