it’s been a while. Obviously.
Glam has been sort of sitting here, staring at me for the last few weeks.
Basically we’ve come unstuck.
Bec and I are trying to decide what to do – regroup or shift to our own respective corners of blogdom.
I know we’ll reach a decision when we both aren’t manic with life, trying to move house, parent, work, blah blah blah and actually talk to each other (as opposed to random text messages to assure each other we are alive and hey, what about you over there?)

Apart from that I’m playing at being boss at work… and it’s fun! I’m on my second round of magic pills and these ones seem to work a whole lot better although the jaw-clenching is still relentless but hell, if that’s the trade-off for no more anxiety attacks, I’ll take the dull toothache. And life is OK. There are two dogs in my world now who insist on pissing and pooing on the floor regardless of how long I stand out in our increasingly destroyed backyard with them saying “wee?” “Wee?” “WEE?”. They are very cute and fight with each other so much it makes me laugh. And that, on anyone’s scoresheet is a good thing. The boys are great, my husband is a media star (today’s SMH’s Good Living peoples – and I still need a haircut. My legs are, however, waxed. Small miracles. And I am OK. Thank you to all of you for your words of encouragement and support.