Chef and I went to the shops for late night shopping. Alone. Granted, it was 8pm and the boys were all in bed. Granted, we were home by 8.50pm and sure, the only thing we actually bought were some pencils for the boys.


At the rock climbing joy last weekend I snapped my glasses.

Granted, I’d been whinging about how I needed new frames blah blah blah for oh, about 18 months, so I should have been pretty darn pleased, but when you are as blind as I am and only own one pair of glasses (something I have now learnt I need to rectify) it was actually a monumental pain in the arse.

Combined with the fact it happened on Day 1 of Return To The Happy Pill and the gagillion things we had on that day, I was pretty pissed about it.

So all this week, I’ve walked around with glasses that have a big wad of superglue holding them together, clearly visible due to the snap being on the bridge section that sits on my nose. Yup, I am one classy lady.


Tonight, we went to the optometrist, and I got me a new pair of frames. I have to get my eyes checked on Saturday because they haven’t been checked in about oh, 3.5 years, and then I have to wait another whole week but then, I’ll have sexy new glasses that made me all bouncy and happy. I will even model them for you all.

After that is a haircut.
And colour.

It’s the big issues discussed here folks.