Confessions – late

after my mental and emotional malaise,
after Jasper rockin’ on at 3am for over a week
after Oscar spewing in his sleep then rolling in it
after Felix seeming to have emotional breakdowns every 10 seconds
after me getting bored of being with me
I gave oscar mega headache drugs last night
Felix complained of a headache, which may have been the case because he had eaten an apple all day, but more than likely was solely because in his competitive little brain Oscar was getting something he wasn’t, so I gave him some standard drugs
Then Jasper had the biggest unexplained screaming fit of his entire life. Followed by wind even I’d be proud of.
And we all went to bed and slept all night.
Which is probably why I spent all day feeling hungover, tired and emotional, on the verge of tears,
for no reason at all.