Bloggers’ Block

Had it. Over it. Moving on.

So there was a man at a bus stop today who caught my eye.

He was wearing very black sunglasses, which was slightly odd considering he had to be 60.

But, since he was also wearing a black leather jacket I decided he was just that kinda guy. The kind who has trouble moving on. Or who never did enough of whatever it was he needed to do when he was 25, so does it sooooooo much later.

Before anyone can flame me for uncharitable thoughts about the newly maturely-aged, please remember my husband is 19 years older than me and that my insights into the newly maturely-aged mind might just possibly outstrip your own.

(And no, he does not wear an inappropriate leather jacket but he has been known to make some very random judgements in sunglasses)

ANY hoo…

The real thing was that my bus was sitting at the stop for quite some time and the more I looked at sunglass guy the more I realised there was something else wrong.

Really wrong.

I don’t know if I can describe this properly but his sunglasses didn’t touch his ears.

Not by a country mile. And at first I thought: “Hey, he’s wearing his sunglasses abnormally high on his head.” (which, by the way, was bald except for a snowy white comb-over that spoke of glossy blond hair in years gone by).

Then I looked closer and thought: “Oh. My. God. He has abnormally low-set ears!”

(Who knew there was a real live medical condition for this?)

And then, in case anyone thinks the point of this post is that I ride the bus in order to mock deformed strangers, I thought: “Thank god, something really sensible to blog about.”

Block gone. Over it. Moving On.