Unconscious mutterings, the flawed process

Here’s why it’s flawed – Kim diligently does this word association, I read it and go, ‘Cool, I’ll do that’ and copy and paste it from Kim’s post, then delete her responses while trying not to read them so as not to influence my own word associations…

But then, as I fill in my own answers, I’m suddenly hit with paranoia: am I writing ‘voices’ after ‘distant’ because I want to, or because subconsciously I’ve read it in Kim’s response, even though I don’t recall anything past ‘surround’.

And of course, if I go back to Kim’s to check, I’ll only read more of her answers whether I try to or not, and that will skew my responses even more…

It’s not all whine and roses, this joint-blogging business.

Rising :: moon
Third ::finger (my wedding ring)
Disruptive :: influence (me, mostly)
Surround :: with rose petals
Distant :: voices (what the hell, I’m taking a punt)
Suction :: pump
Fried :: chicken
Nuggets :: gold
Clip :: art
San Antonio :: died a martyr.