Today’s meme

Swiped from Joke who swiped it from DaysGoBy:

I AM: rarely satisfied, always restless, often laughing, sometimes melancholy, constantly questioning.
I WANT: people in power to use it wisely.
I WISH: someone would find a ‘cure’ for Oscar, that the world would stop fighting, people would realise their opinion is just that, that I was thin, that we were financially rich.
I HATE: blind-sighted stupidity, bullies, lazy parents.
I MISS: not much
I FEAR: something dreadful happening to the boys
I HEAR: voices
I WONDER: if I’ll be famous
I REGRET: very little
I AM NOT: very good at dieting, shy, quiet, thin
I DANCE: in my head
I SING: out loud
I CRY: almost every day
I AM NOT ALWAYS: on time
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: wild gesticulations
I WRITE: a lot
I CONFUSE: myself each and every day
I NEED: constant stimulation
I SHOULD: lose weight
I START: so much more than I finish
I FINISH: stuff for work everyday, anything else? rarely.
I TAG: Bec, Angie, Surfing Free, and Amalah (because I have delusions of grandeur)