Things Bec and I love about our new clothes

– the stripes. We love the stripes the most.
– the colours – feminine but not girly, pink but strong, candy but not floss.
– the chicks.
We are digging the chicks.
For starters – no double chin.
Then there are the t.h.i.n arms – in lycra tops with a bright floral print!
Hell, they’re just THIN.
and glamorous!
There are shopping bags – s.h.o.p.p.i.n.g. – in proper hard cardboard bags, not stuffed in a target plastic one mixed up with kids batman undies, a new shirt for the man and a present for someone elses kid.
There is a beverage in.the.hand.
Someone else is waiting on us.

Does it get any better?
I think not.

But tell me – is this green now too hard to read?