Five senses meme…

I saw this in a couple of places this past week and wish I could remember who was responsible because then I might find the proper rules!

Sight: looking into the right eye of my youngest-by-one-minute child after the doctor tipped in the orange dye and shone his ultraviolet light, to see a one centimetre tear in her cornea. Then looking into the same eye, four times a day for four days, as she fought me tooth and nail against her antibiotic eye drops. And looking again this morning, seeing that the tear was almost completely healed. She has lovely eyes. This has been a bad four days.

Sound: listening to Spicks and Specks closing segment tonight, a blues song:
“I’ve got a George Foreman Grill, a George Foreman Grill; If you won’t make me dinner…George Foreman will”… you kinda had to be there.

Taste: eating Sirena tuna, mixed with S&W egg mayonnaise, salted capers and the last of the summer basil from the garden, on fresh bread rolls from the Vietnamese bakery down the road.

Touch: newsprint, constantly. also grass, underfoot, not so common in our neck of the non-woods.

Scent: my new dwarf lemon unexpectedly popped out a cluster of blossom this week – is there anything lovelier? Don’t you wish there was smell-o-blogging?