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I AM: a reluctant A Type.
I WANT: security and happiness for my family; a coffee maker with automatic timer; the perfect white shirt.
I WISH: I could have a weekend away every year, just me and books and a big bed and the sea.
I HATE: the streak of martyrdom that makes me peevish
I MISS: sleeping in with my husband
I FEAR: for my babies. Also lizards and frogs touching me.
I HEAR: the children playing together and am (sometimes) glad we have three.
I WONDER: what I would have achieved if I’d dodged the stupid first marriage?
I REGRET: the stupid first marriage.
I AM NOT: naturally a morning person, and yet I see so many dawns.
I DANCE: with the children, while they’re still not embarrassed.
I SING: a lot.
I CRY: when I’m angry. I hate that.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: available to blog. But Kim manages to carry at least half my load as well as her own.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: food, food, food.
I WRITE: for work.
I CONFUSE: my lazy co-worker who just cannot understand the very basic rules of direct quotations.
I NEED: professional adrenaline, domestic peace.
I SHOULD: really try for that weekend away this year.
I START: my family’s day.
I FINISH: too many bottles of wine.
I TAG: My Float, and anyone else who wants it.