Travel Journal

Hi! My mum and dad once went on a holiday to Tasmania, and Mum, wanting to be a journalist and all, started a travel diary. Dad still gives her a hard time about it, because the one – and only – entry in it is, “It was a crisp summer morning and we’re on our way”.

But the question for us children of the new millenia is why on earth would you diarise when all you need to do is digital photalise. Or somethin’.

Day Trip March 2006
There is always a reason for a good trip away. After hours of staring at that garish floor rug Mum puts me on, it was time to make my own story. So I humped my way over to this weird contraption that was a bit wobbly and coulda fallen on my head, but that sorta made it even more exciting. There was this weird cool plasticy thing in the middle of my trip that I sucked on for while – weird taste but you know, gotta try whatever comes my way. It made a good thwacking sound though so I did that for a while too.
But you know, when you set out on a day trip, there should always be a goal, but this, THIS, exceeded my wildest dreams:


So much fun and yet, not as responsive as I’d hoped.

So off I go.
Onto much more interesting places.
Full of wonderful colours, great flavours and little little bits.
Behold, The Promised Land of Lego:

mmm, so tasty, and so easy to smoosh up into smaller bits:

I eat Lego men for breakfast.

And there is nothing better after a Lego man meal

Than chomping on
A Lego Light.

My mummy is so very afraid. So very very afraid.