Sometimes there’s nothing better to do on a Sunday

than introduce food to a child…
I actually tried him on stewed (then pureed) apple and pear last week, which he quite enjoyed, because third time around I am conscientiously objecting to rice cereal. Ever. But the pumpkin steamed with a little garlic yesterday has been a big hit. And I get the sensation that there is now, no turning back.

Chef’s parents are back from their tour of the high country. Just another trip to spend our inheritance and all the power to them. Because quite frankly, now replicating their life of three children – age range and all – by the time we are free of them we won’t be seen for dust.

You all know I’m kidding.

But they came for dinner tonight. Monday night is homemade pizza night. Except I ate so much left over ciabatta bread and slow roasted tomatoes on walking through the door I couldn’t eat very much pizza. But here is Nana in all the adulation grandsons can offer…

and while we’re at it, last week my Dad and stepmother came for dinner – I do believe I’ve already covered that ground here, but here is my Dad:

There is a lot of water under that bridge, but photos like this do much to calm the waters of years gone by.