Show & Tell

Here is ours…for Blackbird:
I concur with all said by Bec re butter, butter dishes and Australian conditions.

Ours is a Denby. I love Denby. It’s all very organic. I even just love saying the name. Denby. It’s prohibitively expensive in Australia. I picked this up at an annual sale held nearby that no longer includes Denby in its annual sale. I suspect because everyone went for the Denby stuff and not much else. I believe this comes from the Luxor range. This doesn’t match my dinner setting, which we got from various people for wedding gifts, and is Imperial Blue, but I love having mismatched settings – which I’m sure is somehow related to my obsession with Aga stoves, ramshackle cottages (except I know it’s all a furphy and can only imagine the wildlife that would reside in all that clutter) and quilting.

My teacup for work comes from its Fire range, and while I don’t have the saucer (which irritates me, naturally), I absolutely love the shape, how it feels in my hands, the size and pattern. It makes my restorative cup of tea taste so much better: