Not a nada.

I could write about how tired I am but, nah, we’re all tired.

I could write about my weekend so far, but not so much has happened and yes, had a lovely dinner at a friend’s place but you know, we all do that and have a lovely time.

The headache – yeah boring.

The lack of sex – we all know those who talk about it the most do it the least and well, that reality is real enough without me perpetuating that myth. Besides, I kinda feel like I know you all now so, ewww.

So nothing to see, nothing to say. Move along.

Oh, I might find out sometime this month if I lose my job as the government gets rid of about 5,000 bureaucrats. Funny, because I’ve never seen myself as a bureaucrat and somehow, don’t equate the job I do to being a reason our State doesn’t have enough money for a decent public health system, a comprehensive mental health program, a wise spending of the millions in our public education system and so on and so forth.

Funny, because the fascist, misogynistic organisation Australian Business Limited (ABL) (that absolutely hates the worker bees but lurves the queen) which I can’t stand, has released a report called Kickstart NSW documented that the government department DADHC could be allocating millions to vital frontline services (such as Lifestart – the service we use with Oscar) if it streamlined its bureaucracy and stopped spending so much of taxpayers’ money on administration. ACROD have reported that ABL believes the value of these efficiency improvements would be $81.7 million in 2006/07, $121.4 million in 2007/08 and $124.5 million in 2008/09 – a far cry from the $250,000 Lifestart needs to continue this year, that DADHC has just denied the organisation.

Funny, because I kinda can’t see one job going from DADHC.

Funny, but not in that haha kinda way.

So yeah, not much to see here. Well not much that is pretty, or crafty, or happy happy joy joy. Except maybe this, which is currently lighting up my life so much at the moment I never thought such bright and shiny light was possible.