In which the eyes are the window to the soul; the guppy babies emerge, and the Evil Twin lives the Life Aquatic.

This photo is so odd. The Gorgeous Boy’s nose is nowhere near so large, nor his lips so beestung*. The perspective appears to be a product of his almost obsessive interest in self-portraiture.

However, in the absence of a better shot, I am going to sneak into Blackbird’s Show and Tell this week with that oldie-but-goodie, the eyes are the window to the soul.

You know how some babies are old souls? Not my GB. He was brand spankin’, in my expert maternal opinion. His older sister, the Pea Princess? Definitely an Old Soul. His younger (by one minute) sister is still an open case, but my side of the family is fairly convinced that she regularly channels my mother.

Who died after she was born.

Nothing surprises us about the Evil Twin.


If you look very closely here you will see baby guppies.
See that grey horizontal smudge towards the bottom of the purple filter pipe? And that pale smudge halfway between the fake shipwreck and the floating weed?
Congratulations! You’re an Official Baby Guppy Spotter.
Baby guppies are a challenge, photographically.
I share them now purely because I offered to send some to Manhattan Mama and I think it only fair, before I put them in the Fed Ex envelope, that I prove they left here alive.
* Beestung is the word du jour. Last night the Evil Twin scooted into the bathroomon my directions just before bed.
She headed through the door and hit a wet patch. There was a small thump and an almighty scream. Followed by another almighty scream. And another.
At first I thought she’d broken her toe.
Something I know a bit about, having broken two of my right toes a total of seven times.
A little later, with ice applied and things a little calmer, I went back to the bathroom and wiped up the wet patch.
That’s when I found the bee.
You’ve got to hand it to her.
She even makes falling on her bottom an extraordinary event.