Confessions – Bec

Do you love this? Or is it just me? Look here: Artcubana

So, back to the confessional I go, thanks to the cathartic release provided by Kim’s Confessions here and, most recently here.

This week, I promise, no vermin.

Instead, my theme is hypocrisy.

  • Sometimes I stay at work later than I absolutely need to, just because it is quiet.
  • I grump at my husband when he does the same thing. Even though he is usually genuinely behind in work and trying to catch up.
  • I often yell at my kids for yelling.
  • I try very hard not to threaten a smack when they are hitting.
  • I try even harder to not threaten a smack at all. When did I become this vile monster?
  • I frequently mention the cost to our household of the Prof’s diet coke addiction, but keep the budget for my nightly wine habit a tight secret between me and the EFTPOS machine.

That will do.

And while we’re at it, my penance is coming this weekend: another bottom to clean up after.