Be careful what you wish for…

Do you remember, just a little while ago I had this big girly whinge about how only dull people and bad spellers were googling us these days? Yes.

And do you remember how I blamed it all upon The Kim Half of Glamorouse? Yes.

The Bec Half is a Leo, you see, and Leos have a particular talent for attributing blame. More of a dark gift, according to the Saggitarian Prof, but that’s the opinion of someone born much too close to Christmas and should count for nothing, of course.

My, how things can change in a week.

So, belatedly for Loretta (who already has a new list up), here’s the weirdest and most wonderful from the latest 100 hits on one of our pages:

  1. boob riddles
  2. hate the dentist +crowns
  3. Miss Kim + age gap blog
  4. twin pregnancy + lopsided stomach when I wake up
  5. boobs
  6. bocconcini pregnancy
  7. the urinator Fergie
  8. Growing Boobs
  9. fix flabby underarms
  10. boobs
  11. boobs
  12. sweating pre-labour+ first baby
  13. suckmycock
  14. phantom baby kicks
  15. glamorous wives
  16. ginormous boobs
  17. vulval heaven

So much to say. So much better not to say it.