When all you do is try to do the right thing.
Try to be a good parent
A good wife
A good person
You go to work
You try to right by your kids
You stay up late the night before making dinner so all your mum has to do the next night is reheat it for the kids.
You do the washing, get everyone else ready
You fight the good fight for a cause you think is worth fighting
You drag your carcass around exhausted and worn out, but sort of OK with it because it’s life, we all do it and at the end of the day we have each other.

To get home at 7.30 pm and discover you’ve been broken into.

And that all they have taken.
The ONLY thing, belongs to you.
Your brand new, four day old, done through salary sacrifice at work laptop computer.
That was on a shelf
Looking like a book
Not even sitting out somewhere

Apparently, I am meant to be grateful
but all I can think is that it is