The baby

woke at 3am this morning as a punishment to me for drinking like I haven’t drunk for about 15 months. Hard, fast and lots of it.

has been getting around the floor and his cot for weeks – like, since he was about 12 weeks old – by propelling himself forward with his feet. It sort of took until today for me to realise that isn’t really that normal.

has been rolling from his back to his tummy since he was 15 weeks old. The tummy to back had been going on for about 3 weeks before that but was apparently ‘involuntary’ as he was doing it in his cot.

yesterday, and again today, a lot, he got onto his forearms and knees and rocked back and forth, with his tummy off the ground.

he’s not four months yet.

I’m thinking he’s doing this because he’s sick of lying in his own vomit, that I haven’t noticed because he insists on rolling immediately onto his tummy after a feed, and frankly, once I’ve fed him he’s on the ground because there is a whole tribe in this house intent on destroying it that I must tend to aswell.

but I’m also very very afraid.

because very young, very mobile baby + lego = d.e.a.t.h.t.r.a.p. and the end of inattentive parenting as I’ve perfected it.