Sometimes, just sometimes you need someone or something to pull you up by the bootstraps

and remind you that the world is still turning, but only just, so just pull yourself together, whack on some of that new oh-so-chic Mac Viva Glam V Lipglass that inadvertently means you’re helping fight the AIDS crisis your bought while wallowing in Mope’nGuiltsville the other day and friggin just save the world because. . .


(Source: SMH)

Irrespective of perhaps the most unflattering maternity garb I’ve seen since BrittanyWatch (is that an Aztec print?) and some tres fugly eyewear on The Tom, I am obviously so out of the loop as to the power of Goanna over the world, let alone movie megastars channelling aliens.

Further research (ie reading the article in the SMH) explained it all far more clearly and made it actually quite dull. The only highlight being the memorial service for basically, a businessman, is being ‘directed’ by the director of Crocodile Dundee. Bearing in mind the size of the man, I hope there’s no tastless “that’s not a knife” kinda jokes.