today I caught the bus with The New Recruit.
It was MUCH much better.
It took 50 minutes and he didn’t cry at all.
In fact, after about t.h.r.e.e. minutes on the bus he fell asleep in The Ample Cleavage.
I left work at around 4.45pm.
He just played on my lap the whole way home.
There was a lot of drool.
I kept reminding myself to take deep, slow breaths.
To calm down.
To drop my shoulders.
And I only cried once.
When my stepmother, in a complete state of incredulity, asked me how I felt about the situation causing her incredulity.
The situation was my sister-in-law not wanting me or the boys at my niece’s second birthday party yesterday.
I know we’re just collateral in a failed marriage, but I was really hurt. I am really hurt.
But it was nice to cry about
something, as opposed to everything.
The weekend was a mixed bag.
But the Oboy, the e.i.g.h.t. year old, had a
wonderful weekend.