I know I said it was a good week…

but man, people annoy me.
That’s right.
I’m not even going to rationalise that generalisation to Liberal voters.

  • or slow drivers,
  • or people who turn right by swinging to the left hand side of the road
  • or women who don’t work, even though they should, and take all the parking spots at the gym so I only get to do cross-training in the cardio theatre and not all the stupid ball exercises which make me look as uncoordinated and jelly-resembling as I currenlty feel. Selfish idiots.
  • or people who can’t park straight in a parking spot even thought there are LINES to help you. (idiot Chrysler Voyager driver at Mona Vale today)
  • or the sort of person double parks across three spots and then, just enough of an EMPTY spot so that noone can fit into it? Even someone in a deathtrap, who I watched try to park there many times over. (idiot BMW driverat Mona Vale today)
  • or the woman with the best bingo wings I’ve ever seen (who I think has a daughter named Crystal. Of course she does.) that must get to the school at about 1.30 to simply gossip and wave those bingo arms around at her little posse who fall into my next category of irriation:
  • mutton dressed as lamb
  • or the IDIOT fashionistas who thought a unhemmed skirt was cool, or a skirt, with horizontal layers and gathering was a good idea, or that South American and Mexican themes looked groovy outside of Mexico and the South American continent.
  • or weird little knit tops made from polyester in hideous colours of plum, teal, and some weird bronze colour like Bec has on her toes after her stoning facial
  • horizontal stripes
    in stretch cotton tops
    that are off-the-shoulder
  • little poofy half sleeves like Gwyneth Paltrow wears everywhere
  • the return to the 80s as a fashion comment – WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN???????

I think you can all see now that there are reasons why I only shop about once every two years and generally somewhere like Sportscraft or Simona. It hurts the bank balance, but the clothes are classic, made to last (what is it with throw-away fashion???) and made for women.

I also think it is patently obvious I am dieting.

The end.