Did you catch that show on TV last night?

No, no I didn’t.
Thank you for asking.

The reason was, I lay down in Felix’s bed to sing him Close Your Eyes (and I’ll kiss you, tomorrow I’ll miss you….) and suddenly it was dawn, and oscar was asking me to connect (or maybe it was pull apart) some lego for him.

Yes, in one fell swoop (and equisitely timed for my return to work as I, in a voice of doom-like mindset, predicted) I have returned to the land of newborn-dom.

For the last two nights Jasper has fed three times during the night. The night before those two party-filled nocturnal interludes, he woke at 12, 2 and 4, but I kinda ignored the 12 and 2, which then considering he woke up sick felt no end of guilt over.

Combine that with a bad weekend of sleep, the whole emotional angst of trial-daycare and Oscar issues I’ve subjected you all to and financial woes thrown in as a kick-arse cherry on top, and you’re looking at one tired, h.a.g.g.a.r.d. greasy haired crone. (Bec, expect you can’t WAIT to see me today now! mwahahahaha).

Apparently, at some stage, I removed myself from Felix’s bed to the bed in the nursery which I put there for exactly the reasons I’ve used it this week – if Jasper’s sick I can sleep in there, he can sleep with me and nurse when he needs to etc without disturbing Chef or Mum who’s bedroom is directly above ours. In case you’re wondering it has worked a treat. Anyway, I have no recollection of doing this but believe it was at around 10pm. Then at some time I moved both of us back to our bedroom but it must have been before midnight when I feed him and 3am when I fed him some more (side note to Jasper: I’m right beside you buddy, no need to wake up screaming incase I won’t hear you or infact, the emergency dept at Mona Vale Hospital 3ks away wasn’t aware you had a snotty nose and low-grade temperature).

I hypothetically ask you oh Internet World of Wisdom as to why then, both the older boys would see fit to wake at 5.30am to play a game involving lego and Felix’s infinite ability to create and modify rules?