When Kim just feels like ranting or raving or gushing

The comment or no comment thing has been occupying my mind of late. Yes, this is a window to my life. Yes, I do it voluntarily and no, no-one is refusing me a place at an all you can eat life buffet unless I spill the stupid, angry, happy or other thoughts in my head and events in my life. Add to that my fine ability to obsess and that stupid competitive streak that filters through all my life. I was starting to obsess about comments – how many? why none? WHY? Was I so boring, were my posts so unsatisfactory that no-one wanted to engage further on it by leaving a comment? Maybe no-one is reading. Why do other sites talking about exactly the same shit get hundreds of comments and only me and Bec are reading ours. Etc blah blah blah. See, it just was another avenue for me to talk myself down, another fine ability. Also, on occasion, people leave a comment which reveals they’re either completely humorless and didn’t get my joke, or offer me advice/support, which I wasn’t looking for or which just plain freaks me out that someone thought I was serious. Blah blah blah.

There was a very easy answer to stop this maddness. 1) Go back to work and OCCUPY MY MIND with things that actually matter and 2) Turn off comments.

Seeing as 1) will be happening quite soon enough thank you very much (my BABY, don’t make me leave my BABY) and with not a day of childcare showing itself at this stage (after the cock-up), 2) was the only option really feasible.

Sometimes I forget to turn it off, sometimes I don’t mind and leave it on. Call it a whimsy.

I also thought for a while in there that if anyone had something crucial to say, if anyone LOVED me, they would email me. Until I realised there isn’t anywhere on our site that lists our email. A situation yet resolved. Obviously.