Three months

Dear Jasper, the Good Child:

Even you look surprised to have made it this far

The last few weeks have been awesome because you have slept through the night since 9.5 weeks. You’ve ‘involuntarily’ rolled over twice, both times during the night or a sleep so I’m yet to see the rolling action. You try pretty hard on your playmat which is pretty cool and even harder on the lounge which is not cool as I tend to be a bad parent and leave you there while I go and get a nappy, spew-rag, wipe or drink. So bad. Forgive me.

You haven’t fallen off anything yet which is encouraging. Felix fell of our bed and whacked his head on the leg of his cot at around this age, creating such a massive haematoma (fancy word for bruise) I finally took him to the doctor and confessed what had happened. That was Dr Jerome, he’s cool and the dude you will probably see about a hundred times in the next couple of months as we start Daycare and you catch every nasty germ from the filthy varmits I’m leaving you with.

Your favourite things at the moment are:

  • This little piggy on your toes
  • Round and round the garden on your tummy
  • Sing a song of sixpence (this is your favourite song of all time, and ever since about 6 weeks when you hear it you stop, turn, grin like a goose and baby-sing a long)
  • Twinkle Twinkle makes you stop in your tracks and Hey Diddle Diddle is also a winner
  • You love having your gorgeous bunny rug with you when you go to bed, you seem to like having something in your hand as you suck on your thumb, while the other hand pulls at the hair on the nape of your neck. I find this heart crushingly gorgeous, although heaven forbid when you’re older and you have to eat or do something with both hands so preoccupied…
  • You also love having sheets with a pattern on them – I can often hear you scratching away at the stars on your sheets and the first time you had a sleep at Nana & Grandpa’s, you just hung out in the cot because of their cute sheets with rocking horses and teddy bear motif. I think the main reason you like this because I used to put a wrap down on your bed and you’d scrunch in your hands and now you can’t find it. Sorry.

In just under a month you’re going to start at daycare. It’s only for three days and the carers seem really nice. This is quite frankly making my heart hurt, but it’s both a necessity for me to work and a need. I promise I am a much nicer Mummy when I’m a working one. Just ask your Dad and brothers, it was pretty scary in there for a few years. There are battle scars on all of us.

You are very alert and interested in the world. Whenever we go somewhere new your head is on a swivel stick checking out the new surrounds. You do this a lot at Nana and Grandpa’s house which is very endearing. Maybe you know you’ll spend heaps of time there, or maybe it’s just the fetching decor.