The baby is two and a half months

I was going to do one of those monthly posts about how much baby has grown blah blah blah, because it’s cheesy, everyone else does it and quite frankly, otherwise I’d forget all those cute adorable things and in years to come the youngest would come over all complex like that his mother couldn’t remember when or where he did anything more than six months ago. So here goes.

Dear Jasper, since you were one month old, and basically slept, cried a bit, but not much, ate A LOT, and were generally just being a newborn, lots has happened.

I’m really cranky with your Dad at the moment because he’s been a complete self-centred putz. You have been my shining light in this bleak, angry and emotional incident-fraught time. Always coming at me with the cutest smiles possible and talking to me with eyebrows arching and furrowing for extra effect. You are quite the chatterbox. This makes me inordinately proud of you. If one gram of your body has the communication retardation of your father, let’s get rid of it now shall we. I mean, I don’t have daughters so I know I’ve just got to help develop boys into men who will be happy, well adjusted, responsible, and socially aware while also capable of making the lives of women (or look, I’m liberal, men) wonderful. Making their partner feel cherished, valuable and safe.

Anyway, the other big development has been working on that teaser you gave me at 6.5weeks of sleeping through the night. You are now, at almost 11 weeks, close to clocking up TWO weeks of sleeping through the night. This makes me feel a bit like a fraud. It also shows what an idiot I am as to celebrate I stay up late trawling through other people’s blogs and writing nasty things about your father.

But really, it has taught me that unconditional love is a load of crap. Put simply, every night you sleep from 7 or 8pm until 5am (or hell, even if it’s 4am) I love you even more.

Since 10 weeks you’ve been reaching for things, which is pretty exciting to watch. Yesterday, at 10.5weeks, you were in Grandmama’s arms but saw me and put your arms out toward me (in a wonky, just learning kinda way) and projected yourself at me. This kind of thing warms me to the core of my being.

Your favourite thing to reach for is the crazy snake in your cot – there’s two of them (one from when Oscar was a baby and one from Felix’s era) with lurid patterns on them. I’ve just searched the web for it and discovered, after thinking it was a snake for 8 years that it is, apparently, an inchworm. It’s also meant to be musical, but that must be in the newer models. Sorry buddy, you might as well get used to the reality of handmedowns now.

Speaking of your cot, I gave up wrapping you when you were about 6 weeks old. This was because it was too hot, and it was in the realm of a hassle to undress you, then wrap you, then dress you again, especially when we were in that crazy land of not really knowing if you were tired/hungry/bored anyway. The other reason was because you were already getting around your cot. I’d wrap you, then find you’d moved from about halfway in the cot where I’d put you to being right at the top. Personally, I think it’s pretty darm clever of you to be moving around in bed yourself at the ripe age of 6 weeks. I now think you’re gifted seeing as you’ve rolled over once, and turned yourself around in your cot so you’re head’s where your feet should be (I always loved doing that as a kid) every day for the last three days.

I must say, it kind of freaks me out that at two months of age you generally put yourself to sleep, and because of the HIDEOUS hot weather (hot weather makes Mummy REALLY cranky) just sleep in a nappy, no sheet, no clothes etc.

This putting yourself to sleep I know comes from the fact you are an ANGEL, but also is due to your friend, your thumb. Yes, somehow Jasper, I have managed to produce a thumb-sucking, self-settling sleeper. This is nothing short of a miracle. I know in years to come I will HATE seeing you with the thumb in, and I can only imagine how many times I will utter ‘get that thumb out of your mouth’, but at the moment, suck away baby, it’s making you pretty darn content and me very happy. That is what’s called a w.i.n.-w.i.n.

There is lots of indication you want to roll over, lots of pressing up on one foot to push yourself over. Just another step in the long and winding road us big people call growing up.