My Fair Lady is on the tele again.

I love My Fair Lady.

Along with Footloose, Napoleon Dynamite, Mallrats, The Royal Tenenbaums, Being John Malkovich, The Breakfast Club, A Life Aquatic, Fargo, Steel Magnolias (God how I sobbed the first time I watched it. “I can’t believe she died,” I wailed to my three best friends and Mum, who were all watching it with me and oh how they laughed and laughed at my naivety. Sometimes I’m quite obtuse in movies, missing the bleeding obvious, like the gay couple in Four Weddings and a Funeral. I was all “ohhhh” when John Hannah’s character read the poem. BTW – he has never topped his performance in McCallum, a show I mourn the passing of regularly), Adaptation, Love Actually, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Insert other Cheesy Movies with Meg Ryan (oh to have her hair, so carefree) and Tom Hanks here, anything with Bill Nighy (did anyone else see The Girl in the Cafe – my goodness it was good) or Alan Rickman and so on.

I have never seen Titanic. Apart from Romeo and Juliet, I can barely even stand to look at Leonardo DiCaprio, something about him makes my neck itch. Him and Michael Cain. Eugh.

I absolutely hated The English Patient. Hideous movie. I similarly detested Magnolia – an impressively bad movie that teases you by playing climactic music through the whole last third so you’re perpetually thinking, “thank GOD it’s about to end”, only to have more frogs fall from the sky or some such. Dreadful. Also banned is The Object of Beauty, another load of crap that a white supremisist workmate sent me and AB to on our first official sort of date (the actually getting together over copious amounts of red wine and sleeping on the floor of complete strangers we met in the consumption of said wine after a weird drunken clothed sex type incident doesn’t really count. Surely.). That was one of those ‘this is so bad’ kinda nights, but in new love you dare not say anything. I think we both ‘fessed up on the train (yes the train) home.

That is all.