Oscar’s view

Of Jasper’s bathtime:

Grandmama was hovering around in the background telling Oscar how to take photos, in complete oblivion to the fact Oscar often has her expensive digital camera in his hot little hand taking photos that sometimes provide the most remarkable insight into the workings of his mind and how he views the world.
Below is a photo of my mum in the midst of this hovering, who would be absolutely HORRIFIED I am posting a photo of her on the Internet, aka the vehicle single handedly causing the death of the entire world population’s ability to communicate with each other (don’t even get her started on the role of video games or text messaging), which ofcourse means I’m going to post it nice and big. Behold, the teacher. Now tell me somewhere in those dark memories of schooling you didn’t have a teacher who could get a face contortion like that – the instruction, the concentration, the seriousness, the POWER.