Never thought I’d look like the deep one…

So let’s try to redress the imbalance:

Happiness is: playing with Josh’s new matchbox car loop-the-loop thing we got for ten bucks today while escaping the heat in the air conditioned kiddy-joy of toysrus. A fun toy that Does NOT Require Batteries; who knew?

OH GOD NO is: watching the deliciously vile Trinnie and Susannah on what not to wear and realising that while their two victims tonight have (respectively) a great top and terrible bottom and a great bottom and a terrible top… my own top and bottom look EXACTLY like the worst of both of them. Sigh.

What the? is: you fucking scrub the floors? I am never never N.E.V.E.R letting you into my bathroom again, lest I die of shame. You may, however, enter the boys’ loo out the back.

See? My shallow skims your shallow any time, babe!