Look what Linda made

Way back when this blog was new and shiny and I didn’t swear nearly as much nor talk about my albino period, I mentioned that some dear friends of ours were moving far away for a couple of years. This is because Bob has direction and focus. Years ago he said to me he was going to get a job with the evil empire, then get an overseas posting, then come back and hopefully run his own business. It’s all panning out and I can’t wait to see him run his own business, because he’s one of those ludicrously intelligent, witty, determined and highly professional people who will just go gangbusters.

More importantly, for this story at least, is that he is married to Linda. Linda and I met at uni, when we were chosen to coordinate the univeristy orientation week (and suffered with the third googly-eyed ‘helper’ who was fucking useless). We became friends in her dorm’s common room over crusty Italian bread, salami, cheese and iceberg lettuce. Her family is Italian and even if she’d been a complete dog I still would have been friends with her just to sample her mum’s cooking.

Anyway, she is a complete and utter treasure and so dear to my heart it sort of makes it hurt she is so far away. She’s one of those friends I just draw comfort from knowing she’s at least in the same city, even if we never spoke and caught up as much as we should have.

She was also one of my bridesmaids.
She hates humidity and hot weather as much as I do.
We both experience chaffing in the summer months.
We both love to cook, although she prefers savory and I prefer baking.
We love the same movies, music and books.
We can just be with each other, with no plans, no agenda, no anything, just time.

A few weeks ago on one of my amblings through blogdom I found this and begged Linda to make it for Jasper. That’s right people, she knits as well!

And behold, look who arrived in the post today:
This photo doesn’t do justice to him (her?) at all. The wool is soft, thick and plush. It’s sort of grey, but faintly purple. His belly is big and round and squidgy with these little stick legs and chunky arms.

If I’d know she was just going to knit a cat version of me maybe I’d have asked her to create a gazelle, but there you go.

Even though his (her?) paw is already in Jasper’s hot little hand as he merrily sucks away on his thumb, he (she?) still needs a name.