How to give Kim the fame and Bec the fame and hopefully the prizes they crave

We are finalists in the 2006 Australian Blogging Awards for Best NSW Blog (for our international readership who are here once more because I used the word vulval, NSW stands for New South Wales and is one of and the best State in Australia)(and Bec I know my prepositions if that’s what they’re called are all wrong in that parenthesis). I’m pretty sure this is because I nominated us and they have such low publicity no-one else thought to do so. But you need to vote for us and it’s also a good way of finding some other Australian sites to skew your mindset away from thinking all bloggers enjoy craft and are stay-at-home mums going mad but baking a batch of brownies and doing-over the upstairs bedrooms at the same time.

BUT FIRST! You have to register with the site. It’s simple, it’s straightforward, it’s easy, which i guess is the same as simple but I’m tired and have been to the gym which is a double reason for being nice. OK.

1. Register here
2. Vote here (I know, this is the third time I’ve put this link in this post. Please tell me you’re getting the HINT)

Some of the good sites I’ve found in this vain attempt at publicity and public adulation are things i’ve written and Sterne which are interestingly both blogs by blokes while Sterne is also two blokes writing one blog, which well, you know, I like the two is better than one theory.

I’m not starting to feel a bit weird flogging this carcass, but there you go.

OH and I should ‘fess up that I got the idea of doing this Cribbs Voting Guide from Ben at things I’ve written, so I hope he doesn’t mind. . .