Here to save you from the Evil Rage

Woah! Back, Kim’s Evil Rage, BACK I say!

Sending much sympathy to your poor sore fingers, Kim. I’ll try very hard to post more and will reschedule our Northern Beaches journey as soon as possible cos it sounds like you need some reinforcements up there…

So I’m back bloggin again after an absence that began with our usual manic final week of work madness before Christmas but was then sadly extended by my Dad (who occasionally comments here as Old Baz) becoming very sick and winding up in Intensive Care for the past week. He’s still there and not improving (although not getting worse either) and it is all, I confess, very distracting.

I can’t promise to be back here every day just yet, but I will try (cos that Evil Rage? she’s a scary old bitch, ain’t she?)