Aha! or proof I’m not a crone

although the fact John Howard is supporting it irks me a lot. The other day I had a little rant about our Australia Day shindig and that some of the kids present (certainly not all, in fact, only three or four of the twenty or so kids who were here) were just plain rude and naughty and how their parents did little if anything about it.

Literally four days later Chief Justice Jim Spigelman gave a speech on the decline of manners and impact on society. (His full speech is here)

I have been feeling of late that maybe I’m being too tough on the boys, pulling them up on their behaviour at other people’s houses or in shopping centres. Feeling that every second I’m saying something like, “please be considerate of those around you,” or “remember other people are here trying to work/shop/concentrate/enjoy,” or “how would it make you feel if…”, “pick up your toys,” or “you need to look after that because…” etc etc etc. The other week I got the distinct impression from a couple of friends that I was being a killjoy to kids having fun, but we were at someone eleses house and I did not think it appropriate for the boys to be wielding big lounge cushions around the room. So, I don’t I was told so in no uncertain terms by one of my friends daughter who muttered to me “well we’re allowed to do that”. I know at home I don’t let the boys throw cushions around, and my lounge is over 8 years old and only from Ikea, so as if I’m going to let them do it at someone elses house.

Ah, its the pressing issues of state debated at Glamorouse.

I’m just feeling slightly vindicated, that is all.