After Bec’s post about her Dad, this is going to make me seem really shallow

Happiness is. . .
thinking GFY was coming back from holidays this week, but logging on to realise it was last week so it felt like I’d struck a stream of gold. PURE GOLD.

OH GOD NO is. . .
taking the boys to tennis camp to have the day cancelled because the SELFISH, COLD-HEARTED parents of six of the attendees, all away together, rang at 8.25 to say they wouldn’t be coming as they were extending their holiday. EXTENDING MY HELL more like it. And I used to say I was looking forward to having the summer off to be with the boys. God, what a fool.

What the? is. . .
that in the last two days I have:

  • cleaned the outside of the BBQ (it actually now resembles enamel, like what the inside of our oven looked like about a year ago when I cleaned it last) and the BBQ cover
  • bleached and scrubbed the bathroom floors as even though I pay people good money each and every week to do this, the concept of actually s.c.r.u.b.b.i.n.g the very chi-chi but highly impractical unsealed tile floor eludes them.
  • am in the process of rearranging the two far-from-enough main storage areas in our back room because after 5 years of talking about a wall of shelving I have put it in a bubble and let it go and am working with what I’ve got. At the moment you can’t walk through the area, which is why I’m sitting on the computer typing stuff for my blog, but just the dust I’ve eradicated, let alone the piles of books ‘n stuff is giving me more satisfaction at the moment than any other activity known to man. And yes, even that activity.