You may have noticed…

that we found the disc that contained the program that let me edit photos into a more artsy layout.

In light of this morning’s delight (see post below) of a package arriving, and arriving from overseas, and arriving on a Saturday, and containing the most gorgeous rattle and blanky and being a complete and utter surprise I thought I would just radiate love, joy, happiness and thanks today.

So here is an ode to Jasper’s grandparents. My parents, inlaws, step-parents. The only ones not in the below are the natural ones, but that just makes my head hurt… and some of them still (hanging head in shame) haven’t seen him yet.

Also – as if today wasn’t already divine, we invited ourselves over to the Doodle’s (our camping thanksgiving-hosting friends) and basically hung out. As in, sat outside in the sun drinking cups of tea and just talking. The kids, they played beautifully together for over f.i.v.e. hours, but really, could have been giving each other haircuts or playing doctors and nurses and the four of us would have been oblivious. I think its been almost a decade since I’ve just ‘hung out’ with anyone. I think it was the same for all of us. Not being one prone to illicit drug taking (primarily due to a melodramatic tendency to believe that if I did, without fail the first and only time would of course mean I got the bad batch and either ended up in a vegetative state or dead, frothing very unglamorously in a gutter somewhere) the glorious feeling I had this afternoon was probably as close as I’ll get and that is fine with me.

Then – Chef fixed the computer. Backstory: Chef occassionally gets these fits of productivity handy-man-like phases. I only ever hope the activity is small enough that it will be completed while the phase lasts because goodness knows how long it will be until the next one when it would then be finished. The computer is a case in point. He got it into his head he was going to build our computer. Which he did. This amazes me, and quite frankly makes him very sexually attractive to me. I mean, he built a computer. But within a few days, these weird pale green lines appeared, about 5mm apart right across the screen. So while the computer worked a treat, it was like typing in a zen-like jail. I have endured this hardship for the better part of TWO years. Today, Chef got a package as well…and now, I have the cleanest, non-lined screen imaginable. It’s so white it hurts my eyes but I dare not complain. It has also changed all the fonts so everything, even Microsoft standard stuff seems to be appearing in Verdana. That is rather freaky, but I like it. I like it a lot.