Random musings on a morning that started at 4.30am

– What is with Madonna, that pick leotard number, the Charlie’s Angels hair and all the body hugging? Pilates all the way, we get it, but for the love of GOD or whoever it is you red-thread-bracelet wearers worship, put on some clothes. And not the camel-toe inducing number we also have to endure in that God-awful video clip which I simply do not understand.
– I’m still reeling from the love my bumps (or is it humps? which is even worse) songs by the WeeQueen and her legume inspired band.
– Robbie Williams is hot hot hot.
– At what point is it that someone decides acting in a Hallmark movie is better than admitting you haven’t made it in acting land and pursuing another career option?
– Why is the most ugly bra the most comfortable?
– I really need new sneakers, but if I’m spending money on shoes, as if it’s going to be on ones I need for exercise
– I am loving the song Sunshine by the Australian Idol non-winner
Ricki-Lee, who comes from BrisVegas (or maybe even worse, the Gold Coast, that haven of an unsettling mix of retirees and topless teenage sunbakers) so it sort of makes sense she’d sing something that sounds like 70s disco.
Bernard Fanning is hot, in that underfed dirty musician kinda way.
– God I’m tired.
– How can the waitlist for childcare in a 0-2 years old room actually exceed that age range?
– How can you be on a waitlist for childcare at 8 different places from when you were 5 weeks pregnant and still not get a place anywhere?
(Update: yes,
I had a place but with no security as we could get bumped if someone in a ‘partner’ organisation in the building needed the spot they could give us 2 months notice, then another place offered me 3 days but not on the days I wanted, but because it was a permanent place, I took it, turning down the other one, only to have them turn around and inform us the family that was changing it days no longer was so they didn’t have those days afterall. So now we are back to square one nothingness.)
– Mmm baking Christmas cakes… yum. If only it wasn’t so freaking hot.
– I found these at
Angie’s site and am so going to make them. They’re called “Peanut Blossoms” – I don’t care how bad the obesity epidemic is in America, they rock at desserts and sweet baking treats (my favourite two concepts in the world) and even give them cute names):

– My first batch of Christmas cakes, very late (I wanted all cakes and puddings made by early November – hah!) but made just the same. Bec, one has your name on it. From this:

To this: (well, there’s two more batches to go…)

– Irritating: Mum’s commentary on my baking via the baby – “oh, they’re not as good at Grandmama’s boiled fruit cake”, “she puts nuts in them”, “they’re meant to be dark aren’t they”. Passive agressive bullshit that pisses me off and that she doesn’t even realise she’s doing.

See, I’m so very very tired.

– Showering – so enjoyable but just so hard to actually get up and go and do it.

– I love the smell of washing dried on the line.

Ahh, the boys are home from tennis and Felix has his best friend in tow. I must away.