Productivity is…

– 12 small christmas cakes. Tick
– 1 large family christmas cake, already cut into. Tick
– double batch fruit mince. Tick
– 3 dozen mini fruit mince tarts. Tick
– one christmas pudding on the boil. Tick
– 8 jars onion marmalade. Tick
– dozen jars preserved lemons. Tick
– gingerbread. Tick

still to come
– another 6 small christmas cakes
– two small christmas puds (one for Dad and one for July)
– shortbread
– more fruit mince tarts
– something with the frozen cranberries I bought the other day
– cherry pie

and thanks to Chef
– several LITRES limoncello liqueur
– two litres coffee liqueur, so smooth you just keep on drinking it until you fall down. Or asleep.

Even with a chronic tooth ache, I’m starting to feel a little festive.