Lazy blogging

is when you can’t be bothered relaying all the events of the day (including time with a personal trainer, going out a.t. n.i.g.h.t. with only Chef and the baby to an invitation only event that involved me dropping a wine glass in the middle of the Welcome to Country) so you just see what those other blogs you love are doing and copy.

The weird habits was one.
The top things was another.
Then – Blackbird (again, I know.) posted a wishlist with things on it from a store I have not heard of and that we, naturally, don’t have here because we don’t have decent stores that do mid-range stuff just those where everything is tiny, seethrough and expensive or Target. Worse, Millers. Bleeuuuch. Anyway, her post was about the third where I’d seen this store mentioned so I checked it out and while most of it was a bit twee for me, behold, forget wanting,
I need these
and would love this
and dream ofbeing able to wear something like this