In reply to Bec’s 55 trivia

We are destined to be friends for ever:

– I sneeze about seven consecutive sneezes at least once a day, but more often twice. Once at around 10.30 and again around 4.30.

– My eyes sound like yours, Chef’s are as brown as can be. But one child has eyes like mine, one as eyes as blue as the sky is today and the third looks like he’ll have eyes like the first. This just confirms my theory that this family is a scientific freak show.

– Baby boomers shit me to tears too. As Bernard Salt said, ‘why won’t they just die already?’ (except the Prof of course, he must stay forever. And Sheriff is such a better term for him).

– The first guy I kissed, who I then naturally fell in love with and was going to marry, told me he had to go home (to a Central West town in NSW) and ‘sort out some personal issues’. ie – he turned gay as well. Who knew we both had powers to turn the opposite sex to their own kind?

– I would say “you are a sad, strange little man” at least once a day. Mostly under my breath.

– I married Chef who has a palindromic birthdate.

and that’s just for starters.


Please just post every day, even if it’s a ‘nothing to see here’. It’s so boring on my own. Save us all from my daily inanity. I don’t even think that’s a word. See.