Five weird habits

thanks to a post by Blackbird which was compelling enough to compile my own.

1. When I hang out washing, an item of clothing must be hung by pegs of the same colour. I get very quietly excited if I can hang a white shirt with two white pegs, red socks with red pegs and so on.

2. When I unpack groceries it has to go – frozen, fridge, dry, tinned, fruit, veg and then toiletries. If I get interrupted or distracted and put toiletries away before say the fruit, I can get quite ansy.

3. I never go shopping without a list. The list is never not broken down into food groups and/or aisles of our local supermarket. I now have a Word doc of the list. The peace that washes over me just looking at that list is like no other.

4. When I wash my hair I tend to count to twenty. I have no idea why.

5. I clench and grind my teeth in my sleep. So much so I live with fairly constant toothache from the pressure I put on them. I have a mouthguard that I occassionally wear when the pain gets too great and makes me start to lisp again. The pain I get as the guard pushes my teeth back into place is quite pleasurable. Although I obviously don’t think so when I’m asleep, as I occasionally find it on the other side of the room in the morning. Once I found it lodged between the two mattresses. But only after searching for it for days and being completely bamboozled as to where it could possibly have got to.