While I’m feeling rather knackered today…

I’ve just got home from having tea and muffins O.U.T. with two wondrous friends. You know, where you just sit, in a coffee shop, pull your boob out for everyone to see, get a bit of spew on you that isn’t your own, get tea on your sleeve and then unintentionally let it soak onto your shirt so it looks like your boob is leaking wee coloured milk, but drink two delicious cups of tea, a magnificent muffin laden with squidy apricots halves and just natter away on everything from brain tumours, holidays, husbands, children, clothes, industrial relation reform and school choices.

People, just so you know, this is my idea of bliss. Pure, unadulterated bliss.

Now the uni stuff is out of the way, I have that divine feeling of space… and time… that I know is precious. So I just wanted to roll around in it for a while.

This was posted by Heather’s husband, Jon, who looks a lot like Jason Lee (who I think is a big spunk but not in the imdb photo), loves his wife, has a sense of humour and gets the concept of right and wrong, as well as obviously being hugely capable in a technological way – anyway, he posted this about something Umberto Eco wrote on facism and I liked it. Is this my subconscious being worried I’m coming across as the Lennie to Bec’s George in this blog? Maybe, but it could just be my frame of mind at the moment as I watch our Federal Government actively seeking to create a real underclass of the working poor in Australia while standing there all earnest and righteous saying it is good for the country. I’m seriously just counting the minutes until John Howard says it’s unAustralian to not support his draconian, heartless, puritanical reforms.