Today we are six weeks old

The first six weeks:
Arrival night:
Early Days:
How cool is that. The achievements to date are:

  1. Your arrival not triggering a complete mental breakdown on my part
  2. The family unit feeling so much stronger, so much tighter, so much more real. Like less than three offspring suddenly seems like we were just pretending.
  3. That 8 hour sleep thing – you can do that, at night, any time and and as often as you like.
  4. The smiling – oh my LORD that gummy, open mouthed smile that melts my heart and makes me laugh out loud every.single.time.
  5. The very early recognition by you that when it’s dark outside – lets get this feeding thing over and done with quickly. Keep that up. That is good. Maybe you could have a quite word with Oscar that 5am, or infact 4.53am is NOT a time for him to be starting his day.
  6. The loving of the breast. This is good. But I have to warn you, a surrogate will be involved soon. It won’t be as squidgy, or as warm and you won’t be able to take it in your little fists and hold on for dear life, but there will still be a smiling face staring down at you – it’ll probably be your dad so don’t freak out too much. He may have man boobs but I promise that’s my milk in the bottle. It also won’t attempt to drown you either as is often the case with the Real Deal. I’m pretty sad about this, that’s it’s going to be a necessity in a couple of months and well, that’s just life.
  7. The loving of the bath – how you throw your head back so far you get water in your eyes and blink and blink and kick and kick.
  8. The definite different cries. Thank you for so clearly differentiating between the hungry (that weird little panting thing you do is very cute), tired and oh-my-God what did you eat I’m in pain cries. I never got this with your brothers and really, it bothered me. I’m feeling very smug knowing your cries and how to react.

Things I really need you to work on:

  1. The screaming in the car. Is it because you’re facing backwards? Because quite frankly that would freak me out too but Dude, you have THE comfiest, cushioniest, plush, deluxe seat out of anyone in the car. Just kick back, relax, and stop.the.screaming. I’m already imagining the trips to and from work/daycare in p.e.a.k. hour three days a week and feeling the early onset of a monumental headache.
  2. The screaming post bath. We’ve done it enough times now for you to know I am going to put a nice clean nappy and clothes on you. I’m even going to give you a lovely massage with that weird massage foam stuff that smells so good and isn’t greasy at all. Is it the 3 white Bonds Wondersuits in high rotation that you are retaliating against? You don’t like blue? You’re offended if I put you in yellow? Again, enough with the screaming.
  3. The skin rash. I realise and accept that unfortunately all three of you boys have inherited my big pored hideous skin. I am truly truly sorry. But enough with the rash already. You are so so cute, and the rash remnants and occassional breakouts really detract from it. Can’t you have a quite internal word with your system and work it out?

So its 8 to 3 – I reckon that is pretty darn good. It’s only been six weeks but my goodness, it feels like you’ve been here a lot longer than that, and none of us can even really remember how life was before you were in it. And that is a wondrous thing. 🙂