Stop it, Kim, you’re getting the googlers excited…

Our recent Google and Blogger searchers have been pretty tame lately, but we’ve got a couple of good ones just from Kim’s 116 Things List.

Mostly, recently, thanks to the birth of the beautiful Jasper and his need to feed, we’ve been getting fairly innocently requested hits, like “boob milk” and “sore breasts” and “waters bursting gushing”. And I’m sure Kim joins me in hoping that you ladies found the information you were looking for – er, assuming you’re ladies, that is…

A quick check this morning however showed “is my boyfriend gay” from a reader in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. This took the poor tortured soul straight to Kim’s #69 (how apt) :

I had my first kiss when I was fifteen. It turned out the guy was gay.

I’m not sure this would have helped Williamsport reader much, but it serves her right for not using appropriate punctuation and search protocols. I’m sure “Is my boyfriend gay?” would be a much more productive way for the girl to find what she needs. Of course, if Williamsport reader is a male, the torture must be even greater and hence the need for even more care with punctuation – see Kim? See how important spelling and grammar can be?

The other fun little search brought to us by Kim’s 116 Things is from our old friends in the Middle East. Not a Saudi this time, but a fine upstanding citizen of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, looking for

wait for it

“strap on husband”…

Which led them to a combination of #19 (‘husband’) and #55 (‘…broke the strap on [bra]…’). This, again, must have been a bit disappointing for the searcher and, again, shows the importance of punctuation. Doesn’t everyone know that strap-on should be hyphenated?

Sorry Dubai, and I’m not even going to guess whether you’re male or female (but it IS interesting to see that you work for the HSBC Bank).

Hang on a minute: Dubai – isn’t that where Michael Jackson’s living now?

I note Kim’s current post (below) uses terms like “golden showers”, “leaky bladder” and “whizzing bandit”. Can’t wait to check our visitors’ log tomorrow…