One month and one week

I was deliberating on doing the whole “the baby is one month” kinda blog, but seeing as Bec is still refining her 100 things about her and seems to have gone into posting exile as a result, I guess I can fill the gap.

While the first two weeks just flew by in a flurry of pain, bleeding, engorgement and “oh my god, now this is tired” with the little sprocket everyone kept saying looked like AB’s Nana, I don’t have much to report.

Then I sort of started resurfacing – ie, occasionally answering the phone, sometimes returning phonecalls and using shampoo.

The last two weeks have been a blast. He’s getting chubby and started smiling. I mean really, if the child isn’t made in my likeness at least he behaves like me. How many people do you know have probably put weight on after the birth rather than lost it???

We had last weekend’s hiccup of mastitis during which I became a blubbering mess and not much use to anyone. God bless friends who are midwives, frozen peas, heat packs and the world of homeopathy.

But seriously, he’s losing that fragile woggly newborn look and moving fast into that realm where I really do know short of becoming a drug addled lunatic it’ll be pretty hard for me to kill him. The other thing I’ve found is that – whereas with the other two I had NO idea what cry meant what, as far as I was concerned the kid was crying. All that guff about different cries and learning what they meant drew a blank for me. It was in that mystery land of motherhood with letdown, another phenonmenon I’ve only experienced and recognised with number three. But seriously, he has a hollow ‘I’m tired’ cry, a ‘oh the pain’ cry, and a ‘for the love of god get that breast over here now’ cry. I haven’t got it down pat, but I’m pretty good at picking it. Do you know what that does for your confidence and sense of control at a time two such feelings normally flee my body? It’s really quite lovely.

We’ve also had a weird return to cooler weather. This makes me inordinately happy as well, heat and humidity make me cranky, while rain and cold bring a smile to my face and a sense of contentedness to my being. It also means I get to dress the little guy in long sleeve all-in-ones and wrap him in lovely soft flannel wraps and gaze at him looking all snugly in bed. Sigh.

WHile the smiles have been around for two weeks, this morning, at around 4ish (when we were STILL up (from 3) as he either wanted to play or was preparing the poo that appeared at 7, and let me tell you, it had to have needed preparation to be what it was…) I got the biggest, longest and most stunning smile from my little munchkin.

The landmarks – or is that milestones?:
10 Nov – first smile
21 Nov – started clasping hands
23 Nov – slept 9.30pm to 4am
27 Nov – first giggle

And that, as they say, is that.

This morning I’ve only got one boy and no mad rush to get them to tennis due to the rain. Felix has gone off on a play date with his best friend Liam – a first, and then a party afterwards. I think that means it’s time to bake…