Good grief we have visitors…

this is always how it is for me.

I am never EVER one to shun the spotlight.

I constantly crave it, wonder why I don’t get it, and then when I do it’s always when I’m wearing the comfort clothes rather than the expensive suit, it’s always on the non-shampoo-I’ll-just-wear-it-up day, always on the day I think “Make-up? nah.”

So here we are, me ranting about facism, promoting the ultimate poo story/toilet humour and generally being a loser. And Michele vaults us into the spotlight. Welcome to glamorouse. I’d love to think it was a lot more coherent than this, but really, this is about as good as it gets. From my half of the site/my side of the fence anyway. If you’d all come last Friday when Bec was posting riddles it’d probably seem a lot more, well, just better I guess.

Welcome to everyone!