Ahhh yes, when the adrenalin wears off and the crankiness sets in. Now I remember.

I fear as we only approach Day Thirteen the Cruella is starting to make a return. I know its all sleep related. I know I should have a day sleep every day, not every second and that I should be having it now, not sitting here typing this. But somewhere between the sleep deprivation, the suckiest (although still legendary and still the cutest) baby in the universe, two other children who still seem to require acknowledgment let along love and affection, and a husband who is now not only back at work but working on the new exciting life changing venture so the helping me at home, like really helping (like this morning, in the hour before he went to work and I was up to feed Jasper, he could have got the boys dressed for school or at least made their lunches, but instead, they were still in pjs with half eaten breakfast and oscar playing upstairs watching TV, which.we.don’t.do on school mornings so that after the close-to-an-hour it takes for me to feed Jasper I have a total of 25 minutes to get boys ready for school and lunches made. NOTE: This morning as.I.breastfed Jasper I got Oscar dressed.) is not so much my reality anymore, the cracks are starting to appear. 🙁 (and if doing sad faces like that isn’t an indication!)

I know this because well, it’s all in the tone. It’s all in the encroaching sense of irritability that is crawling under my skin. It’s my desire to start eating and not stop. I’ll know I’m in danger land when the last one moves to include alcohol as well.

So I needed to stop by, post the compulsory cute photo of the boy and well, whinge.